Currently not accepting new patients. Dr. Gonzalez is currently in practice transition. Please check back here for updates.


I appreciated what he did for me. Ultimately, I was treated at Moffitt Cancer Center where Dr. Gonzalez trained and had connections. He was informative and helped me get my surgery sooner. Now I follow up with him for surveillance of my bladder cancer.

Very reliable doctor. He helped us with my dad who was getting a lot of bladder infections. I’m happy we found him

I was having a UTI almost every month and everyone told me it was normal! Dr Gonzalez listened and found a bladder stone! I didn’t even know you could make stones there! After he took care of it I’ve been fine- no more UTIs!!!

I recently had a Urolift procedure. Throughout the pre-process testing and evaluation, Dr. Gonzalez took the time to fully inform me about Urolift and alternatives and answered all of my questions, allowing me to make a well-informed decision to proceed with Urolift. The procedure was performed flawlessly by Dr. Gonzalez at Riverwalk ASC in Bradenton. After my follow-up visit, I have been able to discontinue taking Flomax and I am completely satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Gonzalez!

Was very happy with Dr. Gonzalez’s demeanor. He explained everything to me and the surgery went well and I’m so happy with the results of my urolift.

He was very patient with all of my questions about vasectomy. I’m happy I did it with him and would recommend to anyone